Calling All Shop Keepers, Artists, Photographers, Fundraisers, Businesses!

What can Doodle Cuffs do for you? And what about cShoresal’s other great products?

The cuffs are great, and we also make other great gift products! They’re super right off the shelf, but also easily customized with your business information for an eye catching item that will not get tossed aside. Have a look at cDogs – dog tags for people, used as key chains or necklaces. Also cell phone cases, pendants and charms, iPad cases, bandanas, coffee mugs, and much more.

Shop Keepers

We will set up a display that suits your store, and will replace the product seasonally and for holidays. Your initial deposit will keep your display stocked and fresh. Consider a custom product that includes your shop logo!


Your artwork featured on our great product. Colours are rich and saturated and “pop”, using this method! We’ll list Art Cuffs through our online outlets, cycle them through our brick & mortar outlets, and bring them to events where we set up as vendors. You can do the same, listing on your websites, offering them through gallery gift shops where your artwork is represented, and having them for sale at events where you are set up as a vendor or demonstrator. A deposit gets you a display for up to 8 cuffs. Additional displays available.

Photographers, imagine offering your clients a favourite portrait on key chains, cell phone cases, and cuff bracelets. Personalized with your logo, they’ll be showing your work to friends and relatives with your contact info ready to share.


Purchased in quantity at wholesale prices, Doodle cuffs and our other popular product, cDogs id tags, make great fundraisers for your organization. Customize cuffs or dog tags with your logo. Personalize with a motto, mascot, or other feature. The possibilites are nearly endless!


Your logo on our great sublimated products. Most have room for your logo and an image, or a combined design promoting your business. Key chains, cell phone cases, wet erase boards, wallets, coffee mugs, bandanas, and much more. Let’s work together to come up with the perfect solutions to your imaging needs!

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Calling all Shop Keepers, Artists, Photographers, Business Owners
What can Doodle Cuffs do for you? And what about cShoresal's other great products?

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